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In our minds, we all encode information with a single ‘‘Werd’’

and now you can store and recall that information from Werdbook by just asking it with the werd you already know.

Stop Searching, Start Asking.

Dump any information, any way you want.
Human memory is a complex system… It encodes, stores and retrieves information in every moment.
Memory encodes information in visual, acoustic or semantic form, as a picture, sound or that we give them a meaning, we store and we RECALL when needed.

ASK your memory, don't search!
ASK with a WERD you already know, and recall the information!

Use it as a memobook, notebook, journal...
use it any way you use your memory.

werdbook is the dropbox for information



You store documents

You store information

You search/browse for documents in a hierarchy you memorize

You ask for information you already know by the werd you recall with

You reach information via
APP or Web

You reach information via EMAIL or Web

Store the way you know

Store the way you think

How it works?

Adding a Werd

Storing the information

To add a werd to werdbook;
1. Type werd@werdbook.com to the TO line of your email.
2. Type the command ADD and then the Werd you specify
3. Type in the information you want Werdbook to store in the body of the email.

Just enter the information at the website.

Asking the Information

Recalling the information

To recall a werd from werdbook;
1. Type werd@werdbook.com to the TO line of your email
2. Type the Werd you want to ask
3. Send the email.

within seconds you’ll get the information in an email without searching, but rather just asking werdbook.

Shoot an email and forget...

All you need to remember is...

1. The email : werd@werdbook.com and
2. The Werd which you already know...

and if you can't remember...

‘‘List’’ command

To recall all the Werds you’ve stored

To recall all the werds you’ve stored, all you need to do is send an email to werd@werdbook.com with LIST command at the subject line.

You’ll get the list of all the Werds you’ve stored on Werdbook.com within seconds.

Other Commands & Bonus Features


You can do many things with just emailing werd@werdbook.com via commands that you use at the Subject line of the email, such as...

Append [Werd]

To append more content to the werd. The ADD command does the same thing if you use the same Werd.

Replace [Werd]

Deletes and re-adds a werd with the new information you’ll provide.

Share [Werd] {other user's email}

Share a werd with a person (this person may or may not be a werdbook user). He/she will get an email saying a werd is shared with him/her and will be guided on how to get it.

Terminate [Werd]

Terminates the werd.

more to come...

Bonus Features

There are bonus features that you may want to leverage such as...

Share the Werd Publicly with #

When you’re adding a werd to Werdbook (or edit it from the website) if you put # (hashtag) infront of the werd (ex: Add #occupywallstreet), it’ll be a public werd, meaning, it can be recalled by anyone (either a werdbook user or not). Anyone can add content on top of it as well. And of course if the werd is taken you will not be able to use it again.

Flight [Flight Number]

Flight is a special command we developed to be informed about the flights’ status. It recalls the information from google and sends you a the flight information of any flight in the world in a format as shown below. To be able to use it just use FLIGHT [Flight Number] at the subject line when emailing werd@werdbook.com.

Drop us a line if you think of special commands you want to see here

Important Notice!

Do not store sensitive information on this platform. We cannot read your werds and answerds but nor can guarantee a secure platform for the information you store yet. This is a site that we built for our own use about 3 years ago, now opening doors to you. Use it at your own risk.

Copyright by Werdbook.com @2016. All rights reserved.